Decorating? Check out these tips and tricks on making your updates to your home

Decorating on A Budget

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Decorating a home can be quite expensive! Here are nine tips to help you keep your budget in mind when decorating your home.

1. Decide ahead of time on a budget or payment plan, pace your decorating. Include money for accessories.

2. Decide on one room at a time and designate a priority within your room. That's where you should begin.

3. Have a plan, color scheme, style, & atmosphere. Have a target date for completion.

4. Your confidence level in tackling your decorating project makes a big difference. If you are the least bit unsure, contact a professional designer. He or she will save you time, energy, money, and frustration. Select a designer that you are comfortable with and trust. He/she should know your likes and dislikes. Whatever is done needs to suit you and your family.

5. Measure your room to scale. Show windows and doors. Decide on a focal point. Measure furniture, rugs, etc. before purchase. Draw your furniture to scale and cut out the drawings. Place these on your floor plan, moving them around until you get an arrangement that you like. This is very easy on your back. This procedure will also help you decide if the items are proportionately correct for your room. Think too about ceiling height and traffic flow.

6. Repeat each color in your scheme at eye level, mid level, and floor level to achieve good visual balance. Repeat any pattern and/or textures at least twice in the room.

7. Paint and wallpaper/borders go a long way in updating and freshening a room and usually costs very little.

8. View colors and patterns in your home during daylight hours before making a purchase.

9. If you do not plan to be in your home for a long time, invest in accessories (artwork, area rugs, decorator pillows) that could easily be used in another home.

Top Kitchen Design Trends

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The kitchen has become the heart and soul of the home, making it the first place to start when remodeling. If you're looking for ways to add a little excitement to your kitchen design, consider these hot kitchen remodeling trends:

Color Me Cooking

Adding color is big right now. People are beginning to realize that personality is key to an effective kitchen design. Among the popular colors are warm orange and rust, which both work well with a Southwestern kitchen design or an Italian motif.

Those who prefer a more neutral kitchen design palette can still bring in color with sage, taupe, and golden tans during a remodeling project. Offset the colors with crisp white trim or the earthy stone of ceramic tile. 

Mixing and Matching

The eclectic look is hot in kitchen design. Try adding in a different colored countertop for an island or a different cabinet stain in a wet bar area. As you plan your kitchen remodeling, it's important to pick a few focal points and then highlight those areas.

You may, for example, have white painted cabinets in the main cabinet area and then use a dark chocolate glaze on island cabinets. This type of kitchen design helps add contrast and lets guests know that the kitchen island is the gathering place.


Whether it's bumpy glass tiles behind a countertop or a rough slate floor, texture adds pizzazz to high end kitchen designs. These products can easily be incorporated into almost any remodeling project. Look for glass cabinet doors with an etched imprint, tumbled marble floor or wall tiles, or even a hammered copper sink.

There are many ways to make your kitchen design stand out from the crowd. Utilize a few of these hot kitchen remodeling trends, and your home can quickly become the talk of the neighborhood.